Gautier headshot.jpg

Isabelle Gautier

“When we seem to be well over the limits of our devastating behavior, when the reparation of our selfish acts do not seem to be possible, it is urgent to reflect and meditate.
Inspired by the Zen philosophy, the symbol ensō and the art of calligraphy I am passionate about putting together minimalism, harmony, energy and music. When I listen to music I want to dance, when I dance I want to paint, when I paint I like to find this meditative state where creation is the cumulation of all these senses. Using the word calligraffitti, to not offend the art of calligraphy itself and color field I am creating minimalist paintings to reflect on our impact on earth. In order to create a raw and “basic” effect I use vinyl for its matte quality or matte varnish on acrylic. A touch of gold leaf will often remind us of the richness of another state of mind.

How to live in a not invasive way, in harmony within ourself and our environment?”