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Gina Hurry

“I am what I’d call an impressionistic, abstract, intuitive painter and forever a student of my craft.

I thrive on close connection with others but love to paint in solitude.

I’m curious about the relationship between music and visual expression and also as an expression of grace and worship so I’m often exploring those themes in my process and in community with other creatives.

I received a BFA in painting from Birmingham Southern in 1994 and my light filled studio is part of our family home. I’ve been a “working studio artist” since high school.

honestly, i cannot remember a day when i was not noticing, enjoying, or creating something i felt was beautiful.  like my paintings, i am a work in process.  i live and paint by faith which is risky and uncomfortable, but also part of the rich and messy process.  as someone who senses and feels deeply, my "radar" is almost always up, and at times my imagination even disturbs my sleep.

my earliest "creative" memory was coloring on the walls of our home with my mother's tubes of lipstick as a toddler. my fondest childhood memories are centered around big blue skies, wild flowers, picnics, walks in the woods, chasing butterflies, and candlelight dinners.  i believe beauty is meant to be a gift that reflects the kind heart of god. i’m humbled and privileged to play my part in the bigger story of redemption as an artist just responding to life as i am compelled.  beauty and "art making" are restorative and part of sharing god's heart in the world.  artists are called to stir imagination of what heaven is like.  from a young age my heart has been shaped by the beauty of the world around me and i am a product of others who have poured their lives and gifts into me. 

my work is always fluid and is organically shaped by my surroundings. my process is heavily influenced and my imagination is stirred by things that speak to my soul, such as stories, songs, and connection with others.  part of the mystery of creating is worked out in the heart, mind, and soul.  for good and meaningful art to come i need to find margins of rest from noise and crowds. my deepest inspiration comes when i am quiet and there is room to breathe.

i am forever grateful for the most kind, good, and gentle people that have been my shepherds. i pray that in some small way you will be stirred toward hope as you journey with me through this site.

may we all embrace the messy process and see the many ways beauty brings life to this broken world.”- Gina Hurry